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The award winning original Crazy 8ths Musical Card Game has proven to be very successful in helping students learn to read music. The original Crazy 8ths is perfect for students of piano, voice, harp, bells, any music that spans both treble and bass clefs.

The cards cover 2 octaves of notes centered at Middle C. Both treble and bass clefs are used.  See the Cheat Sheet Card for the exact notes covered.


56 musical cards covering 2 octaves of notes, in both bass and treble clefs, as well as special action cards.

Illustrated rule sheet that explains 6 different games covering a range of difficulty.

  • Games for 1 to 6 players
  • Ages 6+
  • More game rules available here

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If you have lost a few cards, send a SASE (self- addressed stamped envelope) with a list of the cards missing (limit 4 please) and they will be mailed to you.


Virtually any existing card game can be played with this musical deck of cards.  Go ahead and try some of your own!  We have rules for additional games here, and we'll keep adding more.  Send us your suggestions!

The rule sheet includes rules for 6 games.  For a complete listing of the games, visit the rules page.


Teacher’s Kits for both games are available for multiple students. One complete game (cards and rulebook in a decorative box) is packaged in a larger box with 4 additional decks of cards. A classroom can be divided into 5 groups, each playing different games at different abilities. This kit was designed to help educators on a tight budget.  

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