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56 Musical Notation Cards:
Covering a 2-octave range from Bass C to Treble C, with rests, triplets, and repeats thrown in for good measure!

3 colored suits
  18 cards each
1 Cheat Sheet Card
1 Musical Chair Card

Rule Sheet
  Explains 6 games
  Ages 6+
  1-6 players

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Cheat Sheet Card

What if you don't read music, or are a little rusty? Use the cheat sheet card, shown above. This shows the names of all the notes used in the games. This reference card is ideal for getting started with the games. Use it for awhile, and soon you'll be flying solo.

TKDesigns grants permission to copy this card (or this image) as needed. A copy is also present in the rule sheet.

For those of you that are curious, this is a 2-octave C-major scale.

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