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Learn to read music the fun way!

Since 1998, the award-winning Crazy 8ths Musical Card Games have enabled students to play popular card games by reading notes rather than numbers. Kids soon become fluent in reading music by playing games they already know. This enjoyable approach continues to be proven successful. And now, with our new smaller packaging, we're doing our part to be "green."

These are not flashcards. Kids actually look forward to playing with Crazy 8ths game cards. Imagine students working on naming notes for 15 or 20 minutes, and then begging for more.  The easy-to-follow rules describe variations on familiar card games, which cover a range of abilities. The rule sheet includes a solitaire game, as well as group games for up to 6 players. Additional games will be added to this website as well.

Crazy 8ths is fun for musicians of all ages and abilities. Beginners can master Go Fish and Old Maid, while advanced students love the fast and furious fun of Crazy 8’s and  Spoons. With the included Cheat Sheet Card, even a non-musician can give their child encouragement and support by playing with them.

Using Crazy 8ths at home, in the studio, or classroom has proven to be much more effective than traditional flash cards by keeping the FUN in learning!


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Beginners can select only the notes being used in lessons, then gradually add notes and musical terms. The simpler games (Old Maid, Memory, and Go Fish) are perfect for identifying, matching, and naming notes and symbols.

Older elementary students can quickly move into the games that have more complex rules. Spoons and Crazy 8’s are great fun with this musical twist, even when using fewer notes. Get the basics down first, then add more cards later.

Middle school student through adults love playing competitively, using this language known only to a circle of musical friends and family. You’ll be able to use the maximum number of cards and push your musical limits. Play in teams. Play for speed. Make up new games. You’ll have a blast!


Teacher’s Kits for both games are available for multiple students.  One complete game (cards and rule sheet in a decorative box) is packaged in a larger box with 4 additional decks of cards.  A classroom can be divided into 5 groups, each playing different games at different abilities. This kit was designed to help educators on a tight budget.

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